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Welcome to our new addition Live Feed designed for long distance buyers.

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What is Live Feed?

Are you far away from us? Are you interested in one of our BMW's for sale? Would you like to see it live in HD from the comfort of your home?

Nowadays we are all trying to keep up with our busy schedule. We know that your time is valuable, and you want to make to the best decisions. Live Feed is a free service provided for RevEuro users to be able to save time and money when purchasing a vehicle. Lets say you find that special car you really want but its all the way across the country or even the world. Take into account you would have to spend for a flight, hotel, gas and arrange for time off just to make sure the car is the one you hoped for. Not any more… Live Feed gives you the choice to be anywhere you choose, just connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and in no time you’ll be looking at the car of your dreams live in HD.

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