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BMW X5 Specs & Information

BMW X5 is a midsize luxury Sports Utility Vehicle (or Sports Activity Vehicle, as called by BMW). It was launched in 1999, featuring all wheel drive and available in inline 6 and V8 engines. Diesel model is also available outside the North American market. The British Range rover was the initial inspiration of the X5 and many of its technology and parts developed were from the Range Rover. Even the two piece tailgate of the Range Rover was adapted by the X5. Other parts were from the E39 5 Series.

However, unlike the Range Rover, the X5 was designed as SAV or sporting road car. This means that the X5 was designed to have more on-the-road than off-road capabilities. In fact X5, even though it is a four wheel drive, has 62% of its engine torque to the rear to make it feel more like a rear wheel drive sedan. It also lacks most of the off-road components of an SUV, such as locking differential, waterproof intake, low range case and 8+ adjustable suspensions.

In 2004 the X5 had a facelift with new angel eyes headlights, new taillights, exterior colors, enlarged grills and flame surfaced slats. It also had several upgrades including the new BMWs four wheel drive system, the xDrive. The engine was then upgraded to 4.4i, which has an output of 290 to 315 hp (242 kW) and to 4.8is with 265 kW (355hp). Additional features of the 2004 model includes soft boot close feature, Trailer Stabilization Control, Adaptive Headlights. Also included are the new bodykit, 20 wheels and chrome-tipped exhaust.

Model #

  • City/Highway
  • 0-60
  • Top speed
  • Fuel Capacity
  • Engine
  • Curb Weight
  • Horse Power
  • Torque
  • Final drive
  • weight distribution
  • Drag coefficient
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height

X5 3.0si

  • 15/21mpg
  • 7.8sec
  • 130mph
  • 22.5G
  • 3.0 24v i6
  • 4982lbs
  • 260/6600rpm
  • 225/2750rpm
  • 4.44:1
  • 47.6/52.4%
  • 0.34cd
  • 191.1"
  • 76.1"
  • 69.5"

X5 4.8i

  • 14/19mpg
  • 6.4sec
  • 150mph
  • 22.5G
  • 3.0 24v i6
  • 5335lbs
  • 350/6300rpm
  • 350/3400-3800rpm
  • 3,91;1
  • 49.6/50.4%
  • 0.35cd
  • 191.1"
  • 76.1"
  • 69.5"

The 2005 model had the Bluetooth kits and the 4.4i and 4.8is had the standard xenon HID headlamps for the US market. In 2006 the E70 became the basis of the X5. The X5 had many highly advanced technological innovations and improvements, top of which is the iDrive system. The new X5 also had an additional third row seat, increasing the capacity of the vehicle to 7 passengers. The dimension of the X5 was also changed and it got 60 mm wider, 165 mm longer and 110 mm longer wheelbase. The height remained the same at 1766 mm. The interior had larger center-mounted display screen and the iDrive system. It also had Active Steering, LED taillights and panoramic roof. Two new engines became available: the X5 3.0si 3.0 liter 260 hp (194 kW) N52B30 inline-6 engine and the X5 4.8i 4.8 L 350 hp (261 kW) N62B48 V8 engine. The diesel model was also offered: the X5 3.0d 3.0 L 235 hp (173 kW) M57TUD30 inline-6 engine.

The latest X5 is available in two variants: the V6 X5 3.0si 240 hp engine and V8 X5 4.8i 350 hp engine. The latest X5 is almost the same in looks as its predecessor as it has the same ducktail tailgate and tailpipes. However there were some changes made, such as the sharp crease in the sheet metal and its 7.5 in longer and 4.5 in increase in wheelbase. The additional length gives the new X5 more cargo room. It also had better suspension with its new double wishbone front suspension.

Aside from the production models, BMW also made the X5 LM. This model was an off-version of the X5, and had V12 M70 S70B56 engine which is based on the BMWs Le Mans winning V12 LMR. Only one X5 LM was made and it was used to set a record in 2000. A sports model was also made, the 4.6is of 2000 with 4.6 liter V8 engine tuned from the 4.4 liter V8 engine. Visit our inventory maybe we have a BMW X5 ready delivery.