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BMW Buyer's Guide

BMW X3 Specs & Information

BMW X3, is a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV); or basically a car like SUV or a luxury sports SUV. The first BMW X3, the xActivity, based on the 3 Series platform and was launched in 2003 at the Detroit Auto Show, is what would later become the X3.

Later when it was launched on the market, the BMW X3s standard features included the high seating position, superb performance, distinctive sporty and yet elegant looks and all wheel drive traction. It is perfect for those who want to have an SUV with all the features of a BMW luxury sedan.

When it comes to power and handling, the BMW X3 is fitted with a six-cylinder engine and BMWs xDrive, which offers precise steering and full time all wheel drive system. It can instantly sense slippage and then redirect the power to the wheels with maximum traction. This enables the car to have the best handling capability even under the most demanding condition. The xDrive was fitted to the X3 and the X5 to give the four-wheel drives its required power.

The X3 had most of the parts of the BMW 3 Series, including the E46 330xi which was not change nor modified for the X3. Additional modifications and improvements, of course was done on the X3 especially its first generation. The X3 was meticulously designed, from the exterior to the interior. The BMW X3 has spacious passenger and cargo room and at the same time it has many storage spaces inside to enable carrying of loads and even oddly shaped items. Another distinct feature of the interior is the 3 Series based cockpit. Similar with the BMW 3 Series, the X3 has the same high quality switch gears and large analog gauges.

The 2003 model has seen several modifications and improvements. For one, Bluetooth came with the car, unlike when it was offered for the 2004 models. The interior of the 2005 models also saw changes and upgrades which included more plastic panels and right carpeting color which compliments the leather interior. The 2005 also had softer suspension and one-piece front wheel fender. In 2005, the 2.0d BMW engine was also introduced in the market. The 2.5i and the 3.0i engines were released for the North American market while the 3.0d engine was sold across the globe.

Data in (brackets) applies to auto manual models in specs of the BMW X3 models.

BMW Model #

  • City/Highway
  • 0-60
  • Top speed
  • Transmission
  • Engine
  • Curb Weight
  • Horse Power
  • Torque
  • Final drive
  • weight distribution

X3 2.5i

  • 17/23(17/24)mpg
  • 9.3(8.6)sec
  • 129mph
  • 5sp steptronic/6man
  • 2.5 24v i6
  • 4045(4001)lbs
  • 184/6000rpm
  • 175/3500rpm
  • 3.91:1
  • 50.4/49.6%


X3 3.0i

  • 16/23(17/25)mpg
  • 7.9(7.6)sec
  • 130mph/137sport
  • 5sp steptronic/6man
  • 3.0 24v i6
  • 4067(4023)lbs
  • 225/5900rpm
  • 214/3500rpm
  • 3.64;1
  • 50.4/50.1(49.9/50.1)%


The 2006 X3 had monochromatic rear and front fascias instead of the flat black bumpers. For the North American market, it has the special edition M technik bodykit while the US Sports Package X3 has the M bodykit.

2006 saw the phasing out of the 2.5i in the US market and 2007 saw the launching of the 3.0si engine with 260 hp and 225lbs/ft torque at 2500 rpm. The 2007 model of the X3 also had a change in looks as the rear and front facias were changed to resemble the X5 SUV. The interior was also upgraded with new leather seating, dashboard components and panoramic sunroof. Adaptive headlamps and the new LED lights were introduced. X3 also offered the Cold Weather Package which included heated front and rear seats. The optional sheet also includes the 19 alloy wheels and adaptive headlamps and brake lights. As for other modifications, the X3 had a sleeker and stylish exterior, wood trim and better plastic for the interior. It has better stability and traction control and enhanced braking system for emergency responsiveness. The 2007 3.0i 225 hp is available in six-speed manual or five-speed automatic. Don't forget to look at our inventory as we usualy have a couple of these BMW s for sale.