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BMW M6 Specs Information

Being called many names : reincarnation of the shark, - ultimate M, the true GT coupe, based on the bmw 6 series sharing it's powertrain with the m5, the most powerful of all sharks, the M6 has returned in 2006 twenty years after it's been feared to be extinct. Stronger than ever before, boasting an array of new technological features, eating up it's competition once again.

0-60 in 4.5 seconds, 500bhp formula one derived V10, a top speed over 200 mph interested?- read on.

BMW M6 exterior: however visually not showing a whole lot difference from it's non M sibling, everything has been focused on further enhancing the E63 body aerodynamically including it's front spoiler, rear diffuser and wider wheels arches keeping in mind the cars ability to reach extraordinary speeds while maintaining it's perfect handling, the coupes carbon fiber roof is not just a "bling" feature saving only about ten pounds the real benefit comes in as it lowers the center of gravity.

19" wheels are standard equipment on the M6 wrapped in 255's up front and 285/35/19's in the rear when looking at it from the back you know there is some serious business going on. Fog lights are eliminated as well just like on the M5 to make sure the monster engine can get enough air pumped into it to be able to produce it's huge 500hp output at a staggering 7750rpm, continuing the M engine tradition the new V10 engine is very rev happy reaching it's maximum torque of 383 foot pounds at 6100rpm, demanding it's driver to keep it in the upper rev range. To reach this BMW has implemented an array of new and previous M equipped features, and taking advantage of F1 experience.

bmw m6 coupe

For the 2006 model year the M6 only offering is the SMG 7 speed gearbox, and by 2007 a six speed manual was offered as well, including the M5. While the SMG is getting controversial reviews, it excels on the track.
I would like to input my opinion here in short about this ongoing battle:
• the most important thing, -since offered in two variants you should try both see what fits you.
• SMG can be perfectly shifted with proper driver abilities, remember the secret: anticipate the shift, and let off the gas, yes there is no clutch pedal, but THERE IS A CLUTCH, "-lets see all those complainers how the manual will shift with VOT while shifting?"
• if it was so bad it would have never made it to F1.
• and while some pro drivers can launch a manual faster -can most people? ; and even pros cannot really beat the times reached with SMG's on track.
• will your manual take over when you don't want to shift?
• could it be better? -possibly, but don't worry that's why technology is yet to stop advancing.
• get plenty time with it and find the settings that fit your style/traffic needs.
Please don't read it as one sided, I do love them both be it manual or SMG but I think the points are valid indeed.

Model #

  • Engine
  • Horse Power
  • Torque
  • 0-62mph
  • Top Speed
  • Fuel Economy
  • Drag coefficient:
  • Compression ratio
  • Weight distribution
  • SMG ratio 1/2/3
  • SMG 4/5/6/7/R
  • Manual 1/2/3
  • Manual 4/5/6/R
  • Final drive ratio
  • Tire dimensions
  • Wheel dimensions
  • Overall Length
  • Wheelbase
  • Width
  • Height

M6 coupe

  • S82 V10 40V 4999cc
  • 500hp@7750rpm
  • 383 ft-lbs@6100rpm
  • 4.5 sec
  • 155mph ltd
  • 11/17 mpg city/highway
  • 0.32 Cd
  • 12.0:1
  • 53.5/46.5 %  front/rear
  • 3.99/2.65/1.81 :1
  • 1.39/1.16/1.00/0.83/3.99 :1
  • 4.05/2.40/1.58 :1
  • 1.19/1.00/0.87/3.77 :1
  • 3.62 :1
  • front:255/40ZR-19 rear:285/35ZR-19
  •  19 x 8.5 / 19 x 9.5
  • 191.8"
  • 109.5"
  • 80.9"
  • 54"

M6 convertible

  • S82 V10 40V 4999cc
  • 500hp@7750rpm
  • 383 ft-lbs@6100rpm
  • 4.6 sec
  • 155mph ltd
  • 11/17mpg
  • 0.34 Cd
  • 49.9/50.1 %
  • 54.2"

Power from the S82 engine is utilized the same way as on the M5, the M power button is present in the M6 as well, providing the magical 100hp extra power to leap forward and leave almost anything on the road behind you once you switch to 500hp, as you enable it the car simply turns into a beast, weighing in at a hefty four thousand pounds it cannot be considered a lightweight, but the brilliant suspension makes you forget about all that and the car eats up pretty much whatever you throw at it.

Inside the M6 is full of gadgetry, latest electronic and safety features include optional heads up display showing revs-shift light, current gear and other useful functions while keeping the drivers eye always on the road, optional night vision system, idrive- well it's made it here too, stitched leather seating. The alcantara headliner and fully covered dash is still available through BMW individual.

m6 carbon fiber roof m6 interior m6 SMG

BMW M6 is not your regular 6 series, specially not with it's $100,000k plus price tag, but in exchange for that you get a beast that's able to match or beat the excitement of many that cost a whole lot more, able to seat four passengers - ok lets be honest 2+2 kids, pack enough luggage for a long distance trip, and comes with two amazing sound systems "one being the V10"

The best part is: being in production for three years by now finally you don't have to be a company executive to own one, the M6 is something to be considered, if you are in the market for one make sure to shoot us an email or check out our current offerings , we can get you the one you want no problem.

bmw m6 grey front view m6 grey rear view m6 convertible
M6 white interior M6 convertible rear M6 convertible side
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