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BMW Buyer's Guide

BMW E63 6 Series Spacifications & Information

After fourteen years of not having a GT style coupe , BMW released the new 6 series BMW under code# E63 for the 2004 model year in the US, the 645i as coupe and 645ci convertible. The engine is a 4.4 liter V8 first utilized in the BMW 745 , the N62 engine producing 325hp is a perfect companion for a GT coupe. From 2006 the displacemnt grew to 4.8 liter, to reflect this change the model designation changed to 650i and 650ci just like the BMW 750. The 35 extra horses and 30ft pounds of extra torque makes the 650i a more desireable model not only bacause they are the newer models, but for some strange reason used bmw's tend to hold their price better if they have the bigger engine installed.

"Bangle butt" is it or not? the 6 series have not escaped the controversial design of the new BMW line, the 650 is something that you either love, became to love or just can't make piece with, I personally love it. -yes there are some angles that you could say: it looks funky in the back, - But, you cannot help it have to admit this is an amazing design and truly the best looking tail light you can put on a car/at night anyways/.
The nose is mangificiant, brings back the old six series "shark" with revolutionized looks, the huge kidneys, headlights and wide fender lines give the six series a pesonality of it's own within the BMW line, breaking away from most traditions and leading the way into the future of BMW engineering

bmw m6 coupe

BMW Model #

  • Engine
  • Horse Power
  • Torque
  • 0-60 acceleration
  • Fuel: City/Highway
  • Curb Weight
  • Horse Power
  • Torque lb-ft
  • Aero drag Cd
  • Compression ratio
  • Fuel capacity
  • Engine oil capacity
  • Overall length
  • Width
  • Heght

645i / Ci

  • N62 4.4l 32 V8
  • 325hp@6100rpm
  • 330ft-lbs@3600rpm
  • 5.6sec
  • 18/26mpg
  • 3781lbs coupe
  • 325@6100rpm
  • 330@3600rpm
  • 0.32
  • ---
  • 18.5 US gallons
  • 8.5 quarts
  • 190.2"
  • 80.2" front
  • 54.1"

650i / Ci

  • 4.8l V8
  • 360hp@6300rpm
  • 360ft-lbs@3600rpm
  • 5.3-man. 5.4A / 5.6man 5.7A
  • 15/23mpg
  • 3814lbs / 4277lbs
  • 360@6300rpm
  • 360@3400rpm
  • 0.32
  • 10.5:1
  • 18.5 Us gallons
  • 8.5 quarts
  • 190.2"
  • 73" rear
  • 54.1"

645i 645iside 645irear

There is several transmission options a steptronic auto a six speed manual, and the by now known SMG transmission, other options include active steering, adaptive headlights, DSC dinamic stability control, night vision, and idrive just to mention a few. In 2006 after a long wait, bmw released the M6, powered by the same five liter V10 found in the E60 M5 pushing a whopping 510hp.

The BMW 650i comes in coupe and convertible with power operated fabric top. Even with the high performance engine and top of the line standard features the 650i can be fully enhanced with various optional features available. The Sport Package, for instance can greatly increase the cornering grip with its 19 wheels and tires. There are also three available six speed transmissions: manual, automatic, and the Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG). The SMG provides electronically controlled clutch which enables the car to be as responsive as the manual and yet have the same ease as the automatic. Optional Harman Kardon audio system, and the recently introduced night vision and heads up display make the BMW 650i truly stand above it's competition specially when comparing the price of this great car against its class. All in all, the present BMW 6 Series is powerful, sleek, responsive and dynamic.


645i 650i 650i

Sitting in the bmw 6 series models, you realize right away, that you are in something more special -more luxurious. The interior is beautifully engineered, and wraps you around providing the driver oriented feel that many of us miss from the current generations of BMW's offerings.
Controls are within reach and well positioned, the window switces are properly positioned unlike in the bmw 3 series e90 models.
Visibility to the outside is great thanks to the huge windshield and side windows, the A pillar is placed far out, where it doesn't cause view obstruction. The only thing we wish the bmw 6 coupe had is a sunroof, that's fully retractable but than again who would buy the convertible if that was possible.
Seating is very comfortable for longer trips without fatique, the rear seats are not much of a help with passangers, for shorter trips and kids it can be a solution though. -this is not to be mentioned as a negative feature for the car as the 6 was not made to be four pasanger coupe.
Driving the BMW 6 series is a special experience, be it the 645 or 650 model, the exhaust sound is simply amazing well engineered,you'll love it so much that you just want to follow the car around, specially the manual equipped 650i model we tested. Inside the car the road noise is minimal the engine is sweet at VOT as you would expect from a high $$$ BMW.
Steering is precise with no body roll, the brakes are spot on for any driving style. The stated gas mileage for the 650i is 15mpg city driving, I could actually achieve 17-18mpg with the 6 speed model, in order to do this don't expect to break the speed limit and your shifting technique has to be relaxed, having a manual around town is not much of a problem as the car effortlessly pulls from 20mph in 3rd gear. The 6 speed steptronic auto is a very nice transmission, although we would love to see a "bad boy" mannered tranny as in the bmw 3 series 335i. As for the SMG I think they more at home in the bmw m models, however they can be highly desired by some, and for this reason they belong to some of the most sought after ones on the used bmw market.