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BMW 5 series E60 Sedan Buyers Guide

The E60 BMW 5 series replaced the E39 from 2004. Bmw completely redesigned most of it’s vehicles in the recent years and the new five series underwent this new design philosophy as well. Many found the new form controversial and the vehicle received mixed opinions. The E60 quickly became popular and the new looks won over most of the crowd and enthusiasts

bmw E60 bmw 550i M sport 550i

An array of new lightweight materials have been used to achieve great balance and power to wight ratio. New technological elements were implemented such as active steering, adaptive roll stabilization, adaptive headlights and heads up display. The idrive system still considered very controversial at the time of it's release became standard equipment in the E60 with a larger 16:9 screen unit for the optional Navigation system, and a 4:3 ratio standard screen for cars no purchased with navigation.

For the US market the E60 was offered as a 530i with the natually aspirated inline six and a 545i model with the award winning 4.4l N62B44 V8 introduced in the 745 E65, with the M5 not being released until 2006, the only "go fast" alternative was the 545i. The six speed manual option is not the standard this time around and it cost nearly $3000.00.

In 2006 BMW introduced the 550i and 525i in the market and with the 2007 model year the 3.0 twin turbo became available as 535i. Both sedan and touring platforms are available the touring’s model number being E61.With the 2006 model year. 2007 comes a facelift for the by than aging model and with that comes around an additional boost to sales as the M package models enter the market with full bodykits that recall that of the M5. The M package cars unlike the M model utilize foglights instead of using the space as additional air for the car.

5 Series E60 Specification
528i 535i 550i
Engine 3.0 inline 6 3.0 twin turbo i6 4.8l V8
Horse Power 230hp@6500rpm 300hp@5800rpm 360hp@6300rpm
Torque lb-ft/rpm 200/2750 300/1400-5000 360/3400
0-60Mph man [auto] : 6.5 [7.1] 5.6 [5.7] 5.4 [5.5]
Top speed limited 150mph 150mph 150mph
Fuel Economy Manual 18/28 mpg 16/25 mpg 15/22 mpg
Fuel Economy Auto 18/27 mpg 17/26 mpg 15/23 mpg
Fuel Capacity 18.5gal 18.5gal 18.5gal
Compression ratio 10.7:1 10.2:1 10.5:1
Weight Distribution M 49.7/50.3% f/rr 51.2/48.8% f/rr 51.4/48.6% f/rr
Weight Distribution A 50.3/49.7% f/rr 51.8/48.2% f/rr 51.7/48.3% f/rr
Curb Weight M/(A) 3505 (3571)lbs 3660 (3703) 3946 (3968)lbs
Manual ratios I/II/III 4.32/2.46/1.66 :1 4.06/2.40/1.58 :1 4.06/2.40/1.58 :1
Manual IV/V/VI/R 1.23/1.00/0.85/3.94:1 1.19/1.00/0.87/3.68:1 1.19/1.00/0.87/3.68:1
Final drive manual 3.38 :1 3.64 :1 2.93 :1
Auto g ratios I/II/III 4.17/2.34/1.52:1 4.17/2.34/1.52:1 4.17/2.34/1.52:1
Auto IV/V/VI/R 1.14/0.87/0.69/3.40:1 1.14/0.87/0.69/3.40:1 1.14/0.87/0.69/3.40:1
Final drive ratio Auto 3.73 :1 3.64 :1 3.38 :1
Brakes front/rear in 12.8/12.6 13.7/13/6 13.7/13.6"
Length/H/W in 191.1/57.8/72.7 191.1/57.8/72.7 191.1/57.8/72.7
Wheel base in 113.7 113.7 113.7

Driving impressions

E60 545i

I been around quiet a few of these cars, and all I can say is even though in the looks department the E60 is not one of my all time favorite BMW's , this 5 series is a pure machine as much as any of them. If you are taking the economic approach, the naturally aspirated models are a perfect way to go and for the most part these engines still handle the weight of the car extremely well and only a few instances they can seem to be a bit under powered, but than again something for something.

If you are a fan of these cars because of the whole handling and power package you really cannot go wrong with the inline 6 twin turbo or either of the big V8's. My personal favorite is the 550i with the optional M package and the paddle shift steptronic transmission, the sport package really makes the car extremely well planted, and while some criticizes the active steering I think it is a great feature in the car and once you get used to it you will see your steering response is razor sharp. The automatic transmission found in the late models is simply brilliant as well, finally if you are not crazy about shifting all day with a manual with these transmissions you can actually really enjoy driving not loosing out too much on the fun either.

e60 interior
bmw e60 5 series interior