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BMW 3 series E90, E91, E92, E93 Buyers Guide

e90-325i E90 330i bmw BMW E90 inteior


BMW released it's 3 series cars fifth generation in 2005. For the US market the E90 was released with the 2006 model year replacing the aging e46 3 series sedans, while the e46 convertible and coupe stayed in production till the end of 2006 model year. For the first time each model within the same 3 series line getting an E# of it's own, on this page you can see detailed information about the E90 sedan, E91 touring, E92 coupe and E93 convertible 3 series BMW models.

Updated looks and features: breaking away from most of BMW's traditional lines and interior configuration, BMW implemented Idrive, active steering, adaptive headlights optionally on the 3 series, lightweight aluminum suspensions, new safety features and an array of new interior colors offered.
In 2006 the E90 sedan was offered with two engine configurations the 325i and 330i, even though the model number suggests, both cars have the same displacement, however engine electronics and the 3 stage intake manifold make the two very different indeed, 40hp and 35ft-lb of torque advantage for the 330i. Being a used BMW buyer guide this points ahead in the future to the 328i model that was released in 2007, even though the 328i is a newer configuration by the numbers the 330i will easely take the #1 spot in the eyes of the hunting enthusiast. The 328i is merely more powerfull than the 325i, trying to offest the difference even though not a 100% BMW eguipped the 328i slightly lower gear ratios and a much higher final drive ratio by 0.8 to 3.23:1 in manual cars and by 0.9 to 3.73:1 in the automatic version.

Both the 330i and 325i models offer xdrive all wheel drive vesions, with variable power between the front and rear axles controlled by DSC"- Dynamic Stability Control" monitoring. Six speed manual and steptronic automatic transmissions available for all models. When introduced in 2007 the 328i carried over these options.
Comfort access - even though BMW was not the first manufacturer to implement this feature it is certainly welcomed in the 3 series, no more use of keys to start or open the car all you need to do is touch the door handle it will open right up, hop in press start and off you go. 13 speaker audio system with Logic7 sound processing bluetooth PDC-parking distance control makes the new 3 series step away from it's predecessor further into the luxury category in a neat compact package.

The interior of the new e90 sedan is much different from the model it replaces, seating is comfortable specially in the sport package equipped cars with lumbar support and side bolster adjustability.

So what are the flaws you might ask: Window switches!!! I probably logged a good amount of miles with the E90 BMW, but still cannot get my window right as about 30% of the time I will hit the rear passenger switch, makes me wonder what someone thinks of this under 6'2".

330i E90 Specification
330i 330xi 325i 325xi
Engine 3.0 Inline 6 3.0 Inline 6 3.0 Inline 6 3.0 Inline 6
Horse Power 255hp@6600rpm 255hp@6600rpm 215hp@6250rpm 215hp@6250rpm
Torque 220@2750rpm 220@2750rpm 185@2750rpm 185@2750rpm
0-60 Mph 6.1 sec [6.3A] 6.3 sec [6.6A] 6.7 sec [7.2A] 7.1 [7.7A]
Top speed 130 mph (150 sport pkg) LTD 130(150)mph 130mph (149 sport pkg) LTD 130(146)mph
Fuel Economy Manual 20/30 mpg 19/28 mpg 20/30 mpg 20/29 mpg
Fuel Economy Auto 21/39 mpg 20/27 mpg 21/29 mpg 20/27 mpg
Drag Co 0.30Cd 0.32Cd 0.30Cd 0.31Cd
Compression ratio 10.7:1 10.7:1 10.7:1 10.7:1
Weight Distribution M 50.6/49.4% f/rr 52.6/47.4% f/rr 50.3/49.7% f/rr 52.6/47.4% f/rr
Weight Distribution A 51.1/48.9% f/rr 52.9/47.1% f/rr 50.7/49.3% f/rr 52.9/47.1% f/rr
Curb Weight M/(A) 3417 (3450)lbs 3627 (3671) 3285 (3351)lbs 3560 (3605)
Manual g ratios1/2/3 4.35/2.50/1.67 :1 4.32/2.46/1.66 :1
Manual 4/5/6/R 1.23/1.00/0.85/3.93 :1 1.23/1.00/0.85/3.94 :1
Final drive manual 3.15 :1 3.23 :1
Auto g ratios 1/2/3 4.17/2.34/1.52:1 4.17/2.34/1.52:1
Auto 4/5/6/R 1.14/0.87/0.69/3.40:1 1.14/0.87/0.69/3.40:1
Final drive ratio Auto 3.64:1 3.73:1
Length 178.2" 178.2" 178.2" 178.2"
Width 79.3" 79.3" 79.3" 79.3"
Height 55.9" 55.9" 55.9" 55.9"

335i twin turbo and E92

BMW goes through model refreshments and new additions all the time and 2007 was a year like none other, for BMW fans this year will be remembered in history just like a fine vine.

The coupe version arrives; code name E92. While many won't exactly favor the looks of the sedan the coupe is truly a bullseye from BMW. Finally the lines are meeting their purpose, the headlights and tail is straight out sexy.

bmw 335i
335i coupe E92
To top it all off the ACE up the sleeve just gets handed out, an engine that many was wondering when something like this will be sold by BMW finally arrives and blows the competition away after decades of silence. The new forced induction engine a 3.0 inline six twin turbo producing astonishing numbers with 300hp and a torque "flat" as it is an even 300 foot pounds from 1500rpm all the way to 5000. Utilizing two small turbo chargers for immediate response at low rpm's. The 335 engine quickly collects several best engine awards and makes it's way into other models as well : 1,5,x6 to mention a few. Turbo engines are well known for being thirsty, the 335 manages to provide excellent fuel consumption under normal driving condition.

If that wasn't enough, the best auto transmission BMW has ever equipped a car with has been mated to the 335i's engine with a 6 speed steptronic and optional paddle shifters, this transmission is simply brilliant with near manual response times it truly puts automatic driving into a whole different prospective.

The 335i with it's 300hp and 300lb of torque will rocket you from 0-60mph in a mere 5.3 seconds, tests proved to be in the high 4.9 second area, top speed is limited to a 150mph, thanks to it's powerband the 335 will effortlessly fly through most speed limits so make sure you always travel the road eyes wide open. Meanwhile a much more silent introduction the touring model E93 as 328i and 328xi.

bmw e92 inteior
335i coupe inteior at night

The interior of the e92 3 series will make you fall in love with the E92 coupe. Seating is 2x2, the reaer center consol reminds that of an old M6 continuing between the seats with it's own storage area, cupholder and climate control feature, for the cars category it's spacious and comfortable, nice features brought over from bigger models such as the ambaint lighting under the interior handrests, unfortunately just like in the sedan versions the window switch is placed way forward to be within relaxed reach, and this is actually a feature in the car that was done cheaply as it seems it's wearing the sedans housing with a different cover plate to delete the rear switches. Gauges have good visibility they are similar of those found in the 6 and 5 series cars. The 335i parts with the traditional current fuel consumption reader in the rev gauge, and employs the oil temp gauge as on the M cars. The exterior perfectly in flow, it is truly spot on, the only better one out there is it's own brother on steriods the M3.

335iBMW Specification
335i sedan 335i Coupe 335i Convertible
Engine 2007-10 3.0 L twin-turbo I6 N54 3.0 L twin-turbo I6 N54 3.0 L twin-turbo I6 N54
Engine 2011 3.0 L twin scroll-turbo I6 N55 3.0 L twin scroll-turbo I6 N55 3.0 L twin scroll-turbo I6 N55
Horse Power 300hp@5800rpm 300hp@5800rpm* 300hp@5800rpm
Torque 300ftlbs/1400-5000rpm 300ftlbs/1400-5000rpm 300ftlbs/1400-5000rpm
0-60 Mph 5.4s man.[5.A A] 5.3s man.[5.5 A] 5.5s man.[5.7 A]
Top speed 130 mph (150 sport) LTD 130 mph (150 sport) LTD 130mph (150 sport) LTD
Fuel Economy Manual 20/30 mpg 19/28 mpg 20/30 mpg
Fuel Economy Auto 21/39 mpg 20/27 mpg 21/29 mpg
Compression ratio 10.2:1 10.2:1 10.2:1
Weight Distribution M 51.5/48.5% f/r 51.2/48.8% f/r 51.2/48.8% f/r
Weight Distribution A 51.7/48.3% f/r 51.4/48.6% f/r 51.4/48.6% f/r
Curb Weight M/(A) 3594 (3605)lbs 3571 (3582)lbs 3946 (3957)lbs
Manual g ratios1/2/3 4.06/2.40/1.58 :1 4.06/2.40/1.58 :1 4.06/2.40/1.58 :1
Manual 4/5/6/R 1.19/1.00/0.87/3.68 :1 1.19/1.00/0.87/3.68 :1 1.19/1.00/0.87/3.68 :1
Final drive manual 3.08 :1 3.08 :1 3.08 :1
Auto g ratios 1/2/3 4.17/2.34/1.52:1 4.17/2.34/1.52:1 4.17/2.34/1.52:1
Auto 4/5/6/R 1.14/0.87/0.69/3.40:1 1.14/0.87/0.69/3.40:1 1.14/0.87/0.69/3.40:1
Final drive ratio Auto 3.46:1 3.46:1 3.46:1
Length/Height 178.2"/55.9" 181.1"/53.9" 180.6"/54.5"

Facelift and Special options

e92 M sport package
M sport package

2009 BMW introduces the first "M technik" - M sport package for the US market. The package is priced at $2800 including several enhancements to the car making it stand out.

  • 18" 193M Star spoke wheels are standard
  • M steering wheel ( M Sports leather with paddle shifters optional $100.00)
  • Aerodynamic body kit
  • Anthracite headliner
  • increased top speed limiter
  • The package is offered on all models regardless of engine configuration, and quickly makes the car a better value on the used market, specially with the 19" BMW Style 269 wheels that are offered optionally with a hefty $4750 price tag making it the best looking 3 series in the producation span.


    2011 The last trick up the sleeve before the much awaited introduction of the new 3 series. BMW sees the market for a special more powerfull 335 the 335is, raising the base price of the car from $45100 to $52100. So what is this 7000 price different yields?

    Most importantly a factory tuned higher output engine that is rated at 320 hp and 332ft-lb torque with an "on the fly" over boost function giving 370ft-lb torque for 7 seconds. BMW decided to utilize the twin turbo version of the engine from the earlier models in the 335is.

    Additional 335is features:

    • is body kit
    • black tailpipes
    • special 335is instrument dial
    • standard 6 speed manual
    • 7 Speed Dual CLutch Transmission-DCT $450.00 optional
    • While for some it might not be enough to pay up from the standard model, and for some it is close enough to the brilliant M3 where it actually makes not much sense. One thing is for sure the 335is is guaranteed to hold it's value higher than the other models, as it debuted on the market as the E92/E93 production was about to end making it a low production car as well not just a special model. Avialble in convertible and coupe version only.

      E92 Video