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Buyer's Guide

BMW 1 Series Buyer's Guide

BMW 1 Series

BMW's new model for the US market the one series, has been introduced in Europe in the 2004 model year as a 5 door hatchback code#E87 as well as a two door hatchback. None of these models made it to the US.

The 2008 model year was the first year these models crossed the Pacific, as a coupe model with a convertible variant following the #E82 coupe and E88 convertible. Two engine variants offered the 128i with it's naturally aspirated 2996cc engine and the 2979cc inline six twin turbo well known for putting a huge grin on it's drivers face from thebmw 335i.

With smaller dimensions than the 3 and a curb weight of 3373lbs BMW could easely include a fun factor 10 guarantee with the 135i. The engine virtually has power and torque at any rpm all you need to do is step the throttle and 300 horses will push you back in your seat, with 1/4 mile time in the low 13's the 135i is very quick, nearly matching the e46 M3's quarter mile time and it's 4.7 sec 0-60 tested by Car&Driver is defenetly on par. The naturally aspirated 128i still packs plenty of power and torque to make it a fun drive, so should you opt for the 128 and save a little $ you won't regret that decision either.

BMW 1 Series Specification
128i coupe / convertible 135i coupe / convertible
Engine 2996cc inline six 2979cc I6 twin turbo
Horse Power 230hp@6500rpm 300hp@5800rpm
Torque 200ft-lbs@2750rpm 300from 1400 to 5000rpm
0-60 acceleration 6.1 / 6.4 sec (4.7 Car&Driver)5.1 / 5.5 sec
Fuel: City/Highway 18/27mpg 17/25mpg
Curb Weight 3781lbs coupe 3814lbs / 4277lbs
Horse Power 325@6100rpm 360@6300rpm
Torque lb-ft 330@3600rpm 360@3400rpm
Aero drag Cd --- ---
Compression ratio --- 10.2:1
Fuel capacity 14 US gallons 14 Us gallons
Engine oil capacity 8.5 quarts 8.5 quarts
Overall length 172.2" 172.2"
Width 68.8" 68.8"
Heght 55.4" 55.4"

The interior of the 1 series is as basic as a modern BMW can get, materials used are the same as on bigger models, so really in the case of the BMW 1 series you get a true bimmer that shrunk a little, we certainly don't mind it, as the smaller size and perfectly distributed lower weight paired up with an engine that most of the competition can't even build for their higher end models is a recipe for success and gokart liking driving experience.

Luckily DSC-dynamic stability control and DTC-dynamic traction control are both possible to disengage, the differential is electronically controlled, bt won't get too much in the way of spirited driving.

In 2007 BMW revealed the 1 series tii concept car at the Tokyo motor show, the models designation is a tribute to the 2002 model, that by now became a BMW icon. This new concept is focusing on enhanced aerodynamics ,suspension and weight saving with extensive use of carbon fiber materials. there is no certain word on weather BMW is going to release this model in the future or the tii will just have to remain the dream of many enthusiasts world wide.

Everything on the tii screams performance the tach gauge is white color bringing itself to attention the exterior with it's racing style striping the redesigned body elements and the huge four piston blue BMW race brake calipers.